Sunday, October 31, 2010


Election days tuesday, just finished watching 'splice' It was good.  Watched Karate Kid last night with my guy friend.  My kid watched some, but only when the exciting music was on. 

My kid is dancing and has to go potty.

Ok, the potty chair was the best invention ever.  Well maybe not the best, but it certainly made getting him to poo a lot easier. 

Does anyone else have days were they just want to say things to people... Regardless of the moral compass inside that says, "that's mean! You can't say that!" 
    "Really?  STFU."    That's a big one, but the compass inside says 'no no no'.  
    Or how about "If your so fucking smart, why does your mouth open so much?" 
     Or how about "The fact is, this world is full of humans and you are one of them." 
    "I want to love someone, but now adays it just doesn't seem necessary."   (not referring to my kid people, I really don't believe theres an emotional description of the parent child bond, love just doesn't cover it all)

Well, I'm sure there are tons of random stuff we all wish we could say and don't.   But I think it'll be fun to post a bunch whenever one comes up.   Feel free to leave yours in the comment section. 

    "It's just that... well... You're an asshole."  
    "You're so georgeous I want to lick your face."  (this one comes up more often then I'll ever admit.)

Enough of that, time to think positive and eat. I'm so hungry, can't wait to do some christmas shopping.  An almost guilt free waste of money.  Hurray!

This is sounding scatterbrained I know, but not getting the cohesive thought spans today.  Maybe next time.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


There is some Radian6 website that is an access point for people viewing one of my stories.  Not sure why a marketing website is linked to my stories at all, but cool.  It's bringing viewers.  Not sure why, but it's bringing them. 

Well I just tryed Yoga on demand with, but my boy jumped on me every time I tried to do a stretch. 
Now he's harassing me about goodies.   K, gotta run and feed my boy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've been looking over my stats, and it seems that tons of people are reading my Rollalong Hill story, but they've all skipped over part 5 of 6.  Am I wrong? is there some hiding page view thing-a-ma-bob?  I can't imagine the story fits together right without it.  Well feel free to let me know. I am not technically good with this blogger stuff, so I'd love to know if I'm looking at it wrong. 

And besides, Still no comments from all those mysterious looky-Lous.   You guys have me completely curious.  Not just half-assed curious, completely curious.  Is it all by accident that people are viewing my story?  Is it one person reading it over and over?  Does it suck ?  Let me know.  I encourage all feedback.  Or write me even  just make sure the subject says 'blogger' otherwise I'll assume its spam along with the other 100 I get a day.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

43 by 48

My child had his 3 year well child checkup today.  He is 43 inches tall and 48 pounds.  Off the charts for both.  My hip has been murdering me lately and I thought maybe I had done something to it.  Well, just moments ago I was contemplating that my child weighs more then the space-craft boxes at work that are a pain in the ass to load onto the baler line. 
    If I had to carry one of those around on a regular basis, why sure, My joints would protest.   So it was one of those 'duh' moments.  Yes I'm a natural blond, but scientifically hair color has nothing to do with intelligence!

Anyhoo, I read one of my older short stories, and wanted to write another, but I need to go to sleep. Maybe one day, I'll regret wishing for more time to myself.  Granted my kid is independent enough, but the guilt with being a single parent is that you'll never make up for the missing parent and it's your duty to try.

The doctor was asking questions about Richard (my boy) and it actually took time for me to think it over. I'd like to think it's the swiss cheese residing in my brain that made it an effort to recall pertinent information, but then the guilt sets in that I should be paying more attention, keeping track better.  I know my kid speaks in sentences, but I should have blushed when I asked the doctor "Does, 'I want to play the game' count?"

Well, enough of my bad parenting skills, cause damn it, my kid will have the best friggen hand-eye coordination this world has ever seen!   I still have to look at the paddle to make sure I'm pushing the square button, and my kid doesn't.  

I'm just rambling now.  My hip is really achy and I need to lay down.   Gotta save the world one news paper at a time tomorrow.  

Oh ya, people, just because something says it is recyclable on the package DOES NOT mean your recycling facility has the machinery or capability to process it!
If your looking for places to recycle Styrofoam, check local packaging companies in the yellow pages.  And donate to places like Love Inc. and Goodwill.   Just because you're new Washing machine is better doesn't mean that there isn't someone out there who just wishes they had one that works. 


Monday, October 18, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days where you are hoping one of those solicitous people call your phone?  Just hoping to have some kind of conversation with someone random and completely unaware of who you are? 

Ya, so comment on my stuff people.  I'm like the lonely old lady sitting at home calling random businesses to ask questions about a tire, or a chicken meal, or a special discount.  Just want people to talk to.  Ok, so i'm not that desperate, but If I say I am, maybe people will start commenting.  I really do obsess people.  I've had over 400 views, and only one comment from a stranger.  Do I need to be more friendly or open or something?  What if I ask questions?
    How many people have read my Rollalong Hill story?  Do you guys hate it, love it, get bored with it?  Was my grammar to terrible to take?   So whats up?

Who are you people and why won't you talk to me!?   I'll talk back I promise.  Might take some time to get on the webpage and see comments, but I'll be on that sh*t  like a starving fly.   

Eh, allrighty then.  I'll write again when I actually think of something worth saying.  For now I've resorted to posting in the absence of anything better to say.   That's how this blogger thing works right? Post ubiquitous stuff and sooner or later people will love you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stupid internet

i was typing all these brilliant assumptions about dark matter and it's clear defiance of our laws of physics, and the stupid internet frizzed out, and i didn't have a chance to post it.   Eh, it all just represented how ignorant I am of the whole thing anyways.

So I'll just retype the part I can remember.   1/0 x 0/1 = 1.     Infinity multiplied by zero is one.   Nothing from an infinite somethings still exists.  An infinite amount of nothings still exists.  They are just numbers,  representive of some value.   Even a big ol' mass of nothing to which we can not identify has a value.  It exists.   There may be no way to measure nothing,  no way to measure infinite, and no way to identify dark matter (yet), but it exists.

Scientists used to say the Earth was flat, and until they were given proof they were wrong, they had no reason to believe otherwise.   Our planet can not dictate what billions, trillions of other things, other matters, or other energys are.  Just because one tiny spec of water contains H2O doesn't mean a multitude of other things don't exist outside of that. we're just a tiny spec inside the tiny spec that makes up a billion other tiny specs.  Why are our laws absolute? Why does our elemental chart dictate what the universe can be made of?

Eh, I'm just rambling.   I'm not the nobel prize type, but eh I know that someday someone will figure it out.  Just like someone decided to prove the Earth wasn't flat.   Dang it, our world is complicated enough, lets figure this place out before we go trying to identify possibly universe imploding substances.   Although if I win the lotto, my first 300k  will go to taking one of those personal space flights they just showed on T.V.  Live long and prosper!! Trek forever!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yea! polotics.

I hate politics.  Mostly just the season of politics.  It really shows the ugly nature of our humanity at times.  There are so many negative adds,  If this is all we have to pick from, then all we have is a bunch of liars and crooked jerks.   I think from now on, I'll only vote for people on the ballot of which I have heard nothing about.  Seems logical right?  If I've never heard of them, then there were no negative adds put out by them or about them.  They must be the best choice.  

Secretly though, I'm still voting for Rick Snyder.  I don't know anything about republicans or democrats, but I know that he's only run one negative add, and it seemed pretty much just straight forward facts to me.  None of that misdirection or circumventing all the other ones LOVE to use.   This opponent said in a commity meeting twelve years ago he agreed in prescribing methadone to uninsured people, and suddenly an add is put out that the guy wanted all people who asked for it to get free heroin! .... Seriously do they think people are that stupid?

   Well I guess there must be a lot of them out there, because somehow, the shit works every year.   I don't care who wins, I just want the winner to be an honest human being for once.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So I might have this opportunity to put some of my art in a powerful person's house.  I'm totally psyched that it might actually happen.  Then again the pessimistic part of me says, "there's no way this person is going to let someone else pick out what goes in their house."  It's a long complicated thing to explain, and I'm really not supposed to say who or what it's all about, but still.  I'm excited and the possibility would make a huge difference in my life.  Not just because of having my name in someone like that's house, but because my confidence would grow like in the cartoons.  You know, when the little mouse eats the growing beans and gets huge and strong. 
        I have friends and family that like my stuff, but that kind of thing, even if I only get to put one painting in there, would just make me proud, I could tell my son, my dad could brag, my mom and brothers could brag.  It's just ... awesome. 
        It makes me wish I had actually done something in college. A couple art classes does not an art degree make.  Eh, anyhoo.  I have to go to work in the morning, and it's going to be a nice cold one.  Did I mention I love the cold weather?  Nothing better then cuddling up in warm cloths and putting the munchkin in footy pajamas.  Although pretty soon they aren't going to make them in his size.  He's already in 5 T, and he just turned 3.   My little Hercules.
         Please please please let the famous person decide I can paint something for the house!  I probably won't even be able to brag if they do... oh bummer.  I didn't think of that.  It might not even be true anyways. How the hell does awesome stuff like that happen to people?  Not that I'm complaining. I am complaining. I just am going to be severely disappointed if this is all some concocted story and I'm just some dupe falling for it.  Hopefully not.  But I still have a feeling this famous person has their own designer, and all I'll ever be able to do is tell a good story about how one time, I almost got my paintings in their house.