Saturday, December 24, 2011


He waited until it was clearly passed dark to walk through the neighborhood.  The houses were large, extravagant and sad.   The police had yet to chase him out, but he knew they would drive up on him any moment and cart him off to jail.
The police only protected the families with money, the families who could afford the fancy houses and the new shiny vehicles.  The money made them arrogant and stingy.  The money made them evil people. He had not met any of them, but he knew.  They had money, they were evil.

He knew this.  Not only because of the opulence they spewed, but because no one with that kind of income had any idea what it was like to starve.  They didn't know humanity like he did.
This night one of the evil woman came out to put a letter in the mail box.   He was curious how she would react at his disheveled appearance, his dirty face, and his stink.
Madaline Stine was not an easily frightened kind.  When he walked up to her she merrily smiled and said, "Hello."

He sneered, and tried to smile.  The woman stopped before she turned to walk away.  "I went to school with you."   She started to approach him, and he backed away as if her touch would be poisonous.
"You're David Dartmoth."   She looked offended to him.   She looked as if she had just smelled his odor and was ready to gag... At least to David she did.

Madaline stopped smiling, "I'm sorry David, is there anything I can do?"   She tried to seem polite and apologetic.  She tried to seem kind, but he knew she was evil.   Even in high school she was one of them.  And she always tried to seem nice in school too.
David turned, spit, and walked away.   She might call the police, and he started to run. 

The next night as David approached to garbage can to Madaline's house he found a recycling bin next to it looking empty.   He mumbled to himself, "they don't care about the planet, they just want to look responsible."   He kicked the tub and out of it tumbled three unopened bottles of water, a full pump bottle of soap, and three Tupperware dishes full of delicious looking food.
He wanted to scream.   These people just throw stuff away, and think it's ok because it's a recycling bin.  Why would they do that!  Why would they waste so much when there were so many hungry and desperate people!   They all deserved a horrible death.  They deserved to have all of their fortune torn from their hands!
David shoved the things into his torn ripped back pack and ran off to find a good place to wash up and eat. It was December and the air was cold with a filling imminence of snow.   

When David began to eat after washing his face and cleaning up his privates, which were in terrible need of it, he almost thought the roasted potatoes and creamy beef were recently cooked.
 He hit up a different neighborhood the next week, finding nothing nearly as spectacularly wasteful as what
Madaline had thrown away.
He went back, and went to her house first.   In the bin were fresh fruits,  a nail trimming kit, a huge pack of socks, and baby wipes.   He pulled out the lighter he had found two nights before.   It would be easy to start the garage on fire.  It would be easy to show them how their things did not make their life any better then his.  He could smash their windows, and poop on their front porch.....   The apple was so sweet and juicy.  It crunched in his teeth and melted between his teeth.
 " Maybe tomorrow night," he thought.  He left to find a shelter from the bitter wind.

Christmas lights had gone up on all the houses.   Madaline's twinkled and glowed plainly next to the house whose lights lit up the entire street. 
He walked up to the bin, shivering but enjoying the three pair of socks keeping the holes in his moccasins from biting his toes.    There was a blanket, a hat, gloves, and huge Tupperware with an enormous amount of turkey, stuffing and cranberry pudding.  There was a discarded present with bow and card laying under the food.
Madaline watched from the garage window.   When she seen him put all the things in his bag, she decided to walk out and talk.

David froze.  He was in the middle of zipping up his bag.   She just walked toward him.  This evil thing that had thrown all this away, this thing that lived with so much, and taunted him with the amount she could toss into a landfill where only crows could feast.

 He waited for her to approach....  Before she could speak he grabbed her neck.   She struggled and flailed.  "Why do you do this!"  David whispered harshly into her ear.   "You're wasteful and awful!" 
He could not hear over the gargling in her throat.  Her body went suddenly limp as he shook her.  He dropped the body, grabbed up the present and ran.   He ran for a long time. 
Snow started to fall, his stomach growled and his back pack became so heavy.
David found a good tree to sit under.  He laid the blanket over the cold ground.
David ate, he washed his face with the last bit of soap and went to rip the present open.  She was evil, they all were, and he should kill them all.  It would be a service to the world.
He started to tare the corner and noticed the card.
Inside it read, "to David,   feel free to come in for dinner or a shower, or whatever you need.  Madaline."
David tossed it aside and ran.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Emotional day

Today was tough.  My kid had to go under anestisia to get his dental work done....Gonna cost me a boatload, but he has 4 shiny metal teeth to chew with, and all his fillings done.  He probably won't remember any of it, so I'm thinking it was harder on me and his grandma.  He whimpered so much trying to wake up, and trust me trying to hold on to a 63lb 4 foot tall , 4 year old while he tries to rip out the I.V. is not easy.   He slept for a good hour too while I tried to hold him on my lap.  
He will be brushing his teeth at least 3 times a day from now on, and I'm going to get his fluoride vitamin drops next week. 
   Anyhoo, then I start watching another stupid love movie and of course I get mad.   All of these romatic movies star a beautiful woman, mostly thin georgeous women.  And even if they try and ugly someone up for a movie, they are still a too flawless to be in the catagory of 'normal'.  
   It's very depressing.  Come on.... beauty is part of nature's little trick to keep genetics strong, and like it or not the human race is still governed by nature.  We may aspire to be less judgemental of looks, and more of character, but it's instinct.   The decent guy, nice and without serious flaws, even with the best of heart, is going to be attracted to the more beautiful girl before the invisible one. 
   So there's the rub.   Besides the fact that most indecent, corrupt guys goes for the invisible girl because she's easier to manipulate and abuse, we get screwed out of the good guys, because they are attracted to the pretty ones.   Now I know that there are confident girls who are (for lack of a better word) ugly or invisible.  But they are rare, and the pretty ones already have a head start because they are treated as pretty from the start. That is how the world works.
  The other option is to be slutty to get a guy, and lets face it.... it works for most guys.  The little brain has more power then the big one for most.   And more then the heart from some I've met. And those are not the kind of guys you want girls.  Not the best kind to spend a life with.  

Short story-Romantic movies only work for the beautiful.    Even beauty and the beast has a pretty female in the lead role.   Doesn't matter how ugly the dude, the girl better be pretty.   And if she ain't pretty they are mighty slim pickings because all the decent men have been snatched up by the beautiful, the slutty, or the prolific confident ones (or for that matter a combination of prolific beauties who don't mind humping a wall to get a man).   

This is why romatic movies are dumb and depressing.   Really?  why not trying to make a romance about a blind man falling in love with the woman who isn't flawless or chocked full of good bits to make up for the bad job the make-up artists do trying to make her ugly.   

Another idea....  Jackie Chan trains me like in Karate Kid, and we fall madly in love and get married.   Eh....Hollywood won't listen to me, but I can dream.