Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So I went to the doctor and got put on Wellbutrin to "Quit Smoking".  
It's going well, haven't quit smoking, but my mood has Greatly improved.
Someone at work recently is having trouble, and I thought to myself, "why do I keep struggling along like him, instead of just getting a little "help quitting smoking".   
Not sure it's going to be enough to keep me grounded, but it's worth a try, and certainly worth the effort if it keeps my kids world stable.  
If things get bad, I'll go in for some serious 'Quit smoking'  help, but at the moment, being medicated is a real last ditch effort.  I know how bad the medications can make things, and Richard doesn't want a zombie mommy. 

Gonna try and buy a house.  Hoping that it will keep me stationed and gripped to this job, and everything else.   Can't really freak and quit when I'm trying to get my dream house.    Well....  Hopefully that will work.  Not so sure if they ask me to stay after a 12 hour shift I won't flip them the bird and walk out. 
Honestly I know there are people that work those hours without a problem, and some that work even more, But I can barely function after 8, let alone 12.   I'm exhausted by the job, and the social crap,  and apparently if you're not sociable there they start thinking your crazy and 'got serious issues'. 

Makes me super angry.  Almost told a couple of the guys off.   Just because someone doesn't want to talk to YOUR SUPERIOR ASS, that makes something wrong with them?  Sorry, but your just not THAT amazing dude.  

But then I put on the smiley face and keep working, cause heaven forbid anyone has trouble getting along with these guys.    Screw them.  JERK faces. 

Ramble ramble fooey fooey.  BLAH.

Time to play "garry's Mod"  with the kid.