Sunday, January 30, 2011


I had the comment filter set on 'bloggers only'  this whole time!!!!   Dang it!!! that's why people couldn't comment.  I'm sorry beautiful people! Please come back and talk to me!

Holmes on homes HGTV for poor people

So I just finished writing the Holmes on Homes website.  I love watching the show, and I admire and respect everything that guy does for his Canadian homeowners.  Why can't we have something like that in America?
Anyways, here is my one gripe, and granted it should no way reflect on how much I LOVE what they do for people.  Perhaps I'm just jealous, but here it is:

Are all the people he helps in the upper class income range? (who else has 50 grand to blow on bad contractors?)

I've just recently been able to get a house loan and through my house hunting have found that here in America or at least in Muskegon county, there are  no houses in my price range that aren't going to need money pored into them.   60 k seems like it could buy a decent house, but only if your going for a tiny one in a high crime zone.   So what do people like me do?   We buy a house, hope it passes appraisal and that we can fix anything that we find once we move in.  What are my other options?  Wait and keep paying exorbitant rent for something that will never be mine...  Sure I'll never have to fix things, but then again there are major issues with the house I'm in and if they decided to kick me out to fix it, they would be well within their rights to do so.

I just wish Holmes could do some episodes to expose what people like me are stuck with too, and not just the people who have money to throw at bad contractors when they already had 300k + to throw at a home.  More power to the wealthy, they've earned it and can spend it how they want, but where do people like me fit into this, "do it right the first time" if we don't have even 59$ to throw at one piece of Sheetrock?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

story idea

Ok, so with my paranoia driving most of my creative thinking, I came up with an idea for a story.   What if my kid is 4 ft tall, 50 lbs, and super strong because they found a way to manipulate the genetics and create a super human?  They decided I would be a good test subject since all they could see on record was my past mental issues and assumed I would lose it again and they could snatch him away easily.  When they realized they wouldn't be able to drive me mad again with thier subversions, they try and steal him away with other alternatives, (haven't thought that far ahead yet)  and blah blah blah.

I think it would make a good story.   The mother fighting for her kid type thing with some of that superhero stuff and conspiracy stuff.    Haven't thought it all the way through yet, but I think it might be fun to write a short story with it.    I mean how far are they really from being able to do genetic manipulation and create "better" humans?  They've already discovered genes that cause super strength, super recovery, and stuff that makes one person able to withstand or do more than another. 

And you guys really have to see my kid to believe it.  Seriously by the growth chart he's the size of the average 6 year old.  I just need to get him a set of wieghts, and he can lift the couch up for me when I vaccuum!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

animal lovers

Ok, So I get that there is a need for charity toward animals.  I get so angry though when I see this ASPCA commercial that depicts dogs and cats in an animal shelter like they are kids....  Once again, I appreciate that animals sometimes deserve or need help, but we have so many kids out there with no homes, abused and neglected, and I see no commercials to help them, or a phone number to give donations to America's kids.                       So why do animals get so much media coverage for help, why is there an ASPCA that helps animals, and yet our CPS is so underfunded, so overrun, and so wrapped up in red tape that children are constantly in the news getting neglected to death?  And those are the only ones we hear about.                                           When will we start caring about the human devastation all around us?  And when did being mean and cruel to another human being become a hobby on the internet?  Who are these anonymous people that go into public forums and bash the easiest target?  Hell, most of them don't even do it anonymously.    I don't think cruelty and bullying is getting less in the schools or in the world.  I think it's just evolved.  

Eh, those are my rants for the night.   And I want to see the next Airbender movie.  I didn't watch that many of the nickelodeon episodes, but I really liked the movie and I want to see the rest of the stories.  It should be against showbiz law to start a trilogy that you don't have the means or ability to finish. (cough cough *golden compass*) 

Hopefully I'll get things settled down soon, got lots of stuff going on, a house, work, lack of energy, and I'll be able to write some more stories, or at least fix up Rollalong hill some more.   I'm still encouraging any feedback-negative or positive to improve it, so write those comments. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year

I keep meaning to write a new short story, but just can't seem to get some alone time with the computer lately. My kid has officially broken the clickers on the touch/mouse pad.  I think peanut butter just doesn't meld well with computer components.

I got my house, it just has to pass appraisal, and I have to get my taxes done for a down payment, (unless I can pull 2 grand out of my butt in the next 25 days) .  It isn't impossible to just chug away the paychecks, but I would have to neglect some important bills to do it.  I think I'll just wait for taxes.

So I need to go to sleep, but I have this nagging crawly in my head.  It keeps me thinking that I've forgotten to do something very important on the internet.  I think that is how people who are addicted to internet feel all the time.  It's just annoying to me at the moment.  I want to go to sleep, so I think I will go get a tall glass of milk and close my eyes.  

The dog's already asleep.  The kid was rocked to sleep. And the cat has been tossed out.  I've decided not to wait until he wakes me at 3 am to let him out.  The cat can go out now.   Anyone want to adopt him let me know.  I like the cat, he's great, but I just have never been a cat person, and I can't bring myself to take him to a pound.  Cats hardly ever get adopted out and I would feel horrible.  After all he really is a friendly loveable thing, even when he doesn't want something from me.

Eh, time for bed.  Here's hoping that I'll get time to edit 'rollalong hill' some more.  People are reading it, but I know it could be edited to be better.