Friday, August 29, 2014

chaos theory

She wondered most of the time, what the fuck was the point?

Life hurries by and all one has to show for it is stuff, and heavy and burdening relationships with others.

That is why they could not find her.  That is why she still existed.  Chaos in it's human form was not only polite, but also disturbed.  Belligerent and charming.  One never knew what to expect from this stranger, but one knew to not expect anything in particular.

It could be male, it could be female.  As long as the path always steadily and dramatically changed like a strange algorithm for things that shouldn't exist.  Paradox's within the world.  A child of scorn, a child of happiness.  It would never make sense as long as the chaos ensued.  And as long as it didn't make sense, there was no legitimate reason to hold claim to the damage that was ravaged across the landscape of mankind.

Who would Ghandi be without violence?  Who would Hitler be without humanity?  They would be impotent figures without their subsequent opposing forces.  Chaos ruled with not only a fine line of logistics, but also a large and overpowering tide of unnerving instability.

She would rule the world if not for the need to stay quietly in the distance, changing, influencing and directing the world about her.

The only problem was,  some noticed.  Some saw the rhyme and reason in it all.
They were the true threats to reality, and they were to be demolished at the first possible chance.

Chaos hates being recognized more then it can feasibly stand tolerance.    Humans: greatest ally and also greatest enemy.  What was love without hate?  A mere shift in the ablity to detect ugly in the world.   What was anger without retribution?  But a coward without the ability to make aggressions known.   What was righteous without the unreligious, but a side dish for the benevolence of the world to feast upon.

So to fight it, we ignore it.  To co-exist with it, we ignore it.  Chaos exists people.  Embrace it, and become friends with it, or parish in the much anticipated zombie Apocalypse.  After all, what good is everything evolving if there is nothing to keep it moving forward?  And by forward I mean an unleashed terror of things that could cripple society from within.    We are a creature of society, and without it so many are lost in the linear movement of time.

And so goes my bad guy of my story.   Work in progress, hopefully.  Chaos seems to intervene on me more then I'd like, and I seem to be silently and without notice, be thrown to the winds without much ado.  Because that's the way things are supposed to be.  You do your part in society or everything is wrong.  Everything falls apart.
Fuck the world.  For the win.