Sunday, April 8, 2012


Apparently I've only done one blog entry this year so far.  I kind of lost interest in posting my personal life on the internet.   As long as the internet is still around when my kid gets to be 8 or 10, he'll be able to find all of this, and I'm thinking,  Do I want to give a teenager ammo against me?  NA.....  But I will say I am proud of my strong willed big guy, and hope he keeps that spirit in everything he does.   On other notes, life is life people.  We are a flawed species.  There are those that excell at being socially adapted, and those that create magic with science. There are artists, mathmaticians, architects, nerds, psychopaths, nymphomaniacs, and yet again my blogging is getting interuptted so there is no friggen point in trying.   I will try to continue my stories.   We are all imperfect, even Jesus Christ was tempted and tested by the devil.  So give yourselves a break, Give others a break. Eve may have took the first bite, but Adam was talked into it too, and by a much less skilled snake tongue.

BAH!!!   I have to go get the pumpkin to sleep so I can go to the gym.