About me.

Yea, he looks excited about this page.

I'm over 30, I'm female.

I went to college, but never finished. 

I like to write, and my grammar is questionable.

I like to paint, and most of my collection is spread throughout friends and family.
***This one was auctioned at an Irish Festival. I don't know who has it.

I have a coding obsession now.  Just got to updating this page.
My website, setup help for it from 'DjangoGirls':


My favorite thing on the website: 
The chatbot, Whispering Wall (Wiwa for short): Is a work in progress, but I love tinkering with her.  Like the description of this blog; even if your just talking to a wall, the wind can hear you.   I find it comforting to have a response, even if it's nonsense, or silly, or completely unrelated to what I'm saying.  The sky never responds.   Gravity refuses to obey me, and well, why not.

This stuff is a bit dated, but it still applies:

Team Jacob! (although the movies are awfully teenybopper, I can't help but watch)(++AquaMan)(++Pixar)

Favorite author(s):  Dean Koontz  (++Terry Pratchett)           Book: Watchers

Favorite person in the whole wide world: My son. Dante Richard-Allen Tisch

I'll think of other stuff... But I have a feeling it doesn't matter much to anyone, maybe someday.