Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Sitting in the cold.  Lately it seems like if I even get a little chill, my hands stop wanting to work so well.
I spent 7 years working in a shop with no heat, and now the cold gets to me.  Maybe I was just so used to it then, that now I notice it and go, Damn it's cold!

New job is good.  Love it actually, it's just the whole leaving my kid and being there 7 days swing shift that sucks.   Regardless of the 3 day weekend every 25 days,  I really prefer 5 days on 2 off.  The seventh day isn't so bad, but the 6th day of the stretch, you're ready for anything to happen to get you the hell out for even a moment. 

Going to breakfast with my guy in a bit.  Still working on him and my kid getting along.  I think my boy just doesn't want to lose anyone else, or doesn't want anyone replaced in his life, so is being very stubborn about getting attached in any way.  I know the feeling buddy, and I'm an adult and I struggle like hell with it.

Looked over my cyber-workforce story.  Really liking it for a short story.  At least for now.  Just gotta find the time.  My Rollalong hill story I wrote at my old job in a matter of  a week has gotten quite a few views.  Wishing I had the time to see what I could do if I really took the time on something. 

What's it like for people that don't work and have their needs met?  I was on disability once, so I kinda know, but I was so sick the entire time that I couldn't even enjoy breathing let alone the fact I wasn't working.  In fact I hated not working, and went back whenever I could.  Still at it, by the way. Almost 8 years now and no fall downs.  (wonderful movie... "falling down") .

So if anything, I hope my blog gets to someone and shows them that their is life after bipolar, depression, whatever label they throw on you.  It's still rough.  Still gets awful lonesome and depressing once and a while, but the good times are totally worth it.

Chin up.  Smile even if you don't mean it, cause someday, it'll feel real, and it'll be awesome.