Saturday, August 6, 2011


I edited the first two parts of Rollalong Hill, Just wanted to stick that in rate away, seeing as how most of my website hits were from that story for some reason.
Ok, so I asked a friend once, if he knew what it was like to look around , just for a split second, and have absolutely no idea where he was, who he was, or what anything was around him.... His answer made it sound like a ludicrous question.
 Am I so odd that this never happens to other people?   Even for a tiny second, do other people once in a while lose all connection to the world around them?
Sure it might be something serious, (my hypocondriact mind tells me), but then again I have this feeling it's normal for a lot of people.  I think maybe it's just not worth mentioning, or happens so briefly it doesn't occur to matter. 
Anyhooo.... 72 hours without a cigarette.... still battling with my head about it.  My mind says, "just have one, you don't get to decide how life's going to kill you anyways"  the the other part of me says, "it stinks, it's shortening your life, and your kid will always be happy you quit."     
   Up to bed.   Must get some sleep before the early bird starts yelling "Breakfast!  Breakfast mommy?"

Monday, August 1, 2011


Ok so rollalong hill part 2 wasn't nearly as bad as part 1.   I must not have tried to edit the first one.  Hopefully the other parts go this well because I have to go to bed!!!   Stupid time.... always putting restrictions on my ability to accomplish things.  Stupid sleep too.  If I could survive a day with less sleep I'd be happier. As it is the normal 7 hours isn't enough.

All well.  Really really time for bed.


I'm finally working on rollalong hill... Damn my grammar sucks.   But I suppose a lot of writers do stream of thought stuff, and then have to edit it a lot... otherwise why does it take years to finish a book? 
On the homefront, my paperwork finally came through and I have sole custody of my son. He starts school soon, and I know he'll grow mentally in leaps and bounds with the right stimulation.   Perhaps that's why teachers actually go to college to learn how to teach, I'm glad my kid's got a teacher with a masters.  Good luck! 
Na, my kids easy, as soon as he figure's out communication I better start saving up for Harvard... and if not Harvard, well any college because he is not getting stuck in a factory working himself to the bone for nothing. 

Anyhoo.... let me see if I can get this part 2 of rollalong edited.