Saturday, July 16, 2011

famous blogs?

 I get it. I do.  Wait in the Van, is one of my favorite blogs.  how do these people become famous?  I guess I just don't know how to appeal to a mass amount of people.   So goes it for those of us who are odd.  I'm not talking emo, or goth odd which seems popular these days.  (If I would have had freedom as a kid I totally would have been a goth).  Anyhoo, drinking and blogging don't mix.   So to keep things safe, I'm going to throw random things out there and hope too much doesn't stick.

As for SSA, I've thought about sending partial payments in, but who's to say they don't seize my bank account and then I end up one of those forclosure people who lose everything because the government has my account.  A debt I may add that is less then my student loans, but has none of the legal restrictions that keeps it from ruining your life.

As for my short stories,  I never get the time to edit them and I've hashed the flaws over and over, and just can't seem to get time to fix rollalong hill.

As for graceful, I definately am more graceful with a few drinks in me.  I thought it might just be beer brain working, but I honestly put a pair of yoga pants on without almost falling.  That's graceful for me sober, so ya somehow alcohol makes putting pants on easier.  Is that some sort of brain disorder?

Speaking of brain disorders, I've been researching narcolepsy and sleep disorders on the internet, and it looks like I have classic and common signs of a sleep disorder which causes you to hit REM sleep way too fast and too easilly.   I'm wondering if it would be worth it to have it documented so that my tardys at work can be dismissed before I hit the write up limit.

Swear to goodness I wake up to the alarm and want to lay back down to finish out the dream so badly logic doesn't sit in until it's too late and I have to rush out of the house to make it to work. And I really do hit dream state as soon as I lay back down, so hitting snooze does make sense in that wierd half awake state.

Ok,  I'm running out of stuff..... I think I want to lay down and enjoy the nothingness beer brain that is encapsulating me at the moment.   It's nice not to have your brain wired and firing when you want to go to sleep.  

Got my kid a Phineas and Ferb backpack today.   He wanted to carry my purse around the store, and so buying him his backpack for school was an excellent way to divert him from the purse, and get school supplies too!

Being a single mom is hard.... Being a single mom who really is responsible for everything is harder.  Don't cry to me if you have an estranged spouse that takes your kid every other weekend.  Don't cry to me if you have grandparents that can take your kid for some days to visit, and certainly don't cry to me if you have an ex that actually trys to pay child support.  No matter how people will try to say, "oh but the mothers don't spend it on the kids",  they don't understand that every bit of money going into food, electricity, housing, daycare, cloths, medical affairs..... has to come from somewhere.   My kid isn't living like he's poor, cause mama doesn't need a brand new pair of jeans, she can get them from goodwill.  

Anyhoo!  this is why people shouldn't blog when they drink.  Always a bad idea.  Always.  Too bad I don't care at the moment.   WOOHOO!  Time to find out what that giant mushroom house has for rooms.  Me and Richard were in it the other morning when I was late for work, And I just wanted to find out how many rooms it had, and what the walls taste like....  Such is the dream world, and glad to be a part of it.  Here I go!  NIGH-night.   Sad thing is this is probably more interesting then my other blogs, but I really don't drink so it probably won't happen again soon.   Just saying, don't want to get the reader's hopes up.
Goodnight all!!!