Friday, July 27, 2012

Human Nature.

Just a thought. 
I heard a psycho(whathisnuts) analyst or something, saying on a news report that what idiot#25 did (the theatre 16 shooter ) was against his own nature. 
Everything humans do is to defy nature.  It's in our genetic structure to try and defeat what nature has in store.  We use tools, we start fires, we make machines, we try to cheat death, we destroy the planet that takes care of us, we take WAY more then we need, we use more.  Humans are separate from animals because of our ability to destroy anything in our path, or build around it regardless of the cost to our environment.
What would happen if other species decided they didn't want to die.  They understood death and wanted to find a way out, what would they be capable of?

So saying idiot#25 was going against human nature by destroying those lives (and his own) in that act of violence, in my opinion is in-correct. 

Our society, our species demands that you stick out from a crowd to succeed, and success is immortality.  Whatever those costs are, they are certainly not imbued by nature.  Being the bad guy, being the monster, and giving in is just easier then being a good guy. 

Let's face it.  Bad guys get all the good lines, and get to release the most chaos.
And in history, bad guys get all the fame.  Bad guys get all the attention. Being a bad guy is easy.
No holding back.  No filtering the crap.  No eggshells, fuck the eggshells  and walk where you choose.
Being bad is easier.  Horrid, Terrible, monsterous.... but easier.

So for all us good guys, struggling, fighting, sustaining our normal lives without much ado:
Congratulations, you may not be Mother Thearesa, but you haven't reverted to caveman to get the job done. Which takes more courage and strength and willpower then being the bully, the abuser, the dick, the asshole, the perv, the criminal.  It takes more to be civil and moral as a human, then it does to be less then human.

On another note.  I'm learning programming, and I have so little time that blogging probably is not going to happen much anymore.  ((Hopefully this programming thing works out and I get more time to write)).
Thinking about making an anonymous blog to put all my 'shits and giggles' into.  But no time for it yet.

Happier post next time.  Yes, happier.  Thanks for looking at my stuff the last couple years. 1400 people looked for a reason.  Just wish I knew what the reason is.