Saturday, February 19, 2011

REO home

So I'm buying a REO home, which basically means it was forclosed on, and the bank owns it.  For those out there with little patience and even less ability to put up with beuracracy...These homes take forever to actually purchase and you have to jump through hoops to get it done.
Now just to be fair, and to give props to the awsome mortgage company I'm using Mario Flores and his crew Robin and Cheryl at VanDyk Mortgage have been amazing helping me and keeping me from freaking out. Believe me there were times I was ready to freak out and run away.  But I truelly loved this house and knew that it was an amazing deal despite it's flaws.  I'm blessed with some good people in my life. 
And my realtor, although at times I doubted him, (mainly because I was totally new to this experience) was also a total rock star making this happen. (Ken Ferrier at port city properties)
On the seller's side, I don't fault the realtor at all.  He did his best with what the bank gave him, which was a lot of red tape and delays.  If I had more money to give I would make sure all these people had a bonus from this sale... But I wouldn't be buying a REO if I had more money either. 
Now the bank on the other hand...  If someone out there is thinking about buying one of these REO properties just know that the bank is not in a rush... They don't hurry, and they go through a LOT of b.s. before they allow anything to go forward.    So just be warned that buying one of these properties can take an excruciating long time.  I guess from what I hear 3 months isn't that long to wait, but when all I was waiting for was paperwork every time there was a delay, it seemed like forever.  And keep in mind that whatever realtor has the property is not at fault for what the bank does or doesn't do. 

I guess I shouldn't bash anything until I sign the paperwork... But they can't squeeze blood out of a turnip, and selling a house they listed for 48,000  they really shouldn't expect to.   But then again... We'll see. I don't sign until tuesday.  Let's hope my uhaul only has to stay rented for 3 days.    

Oh and what I should have said first.  I thank God for all my blessings.  This experience has made me appreciate having a home, wether it be rented or owned, someone else's or my own.  It's something I should have kept in mind this whole process and it would have been a whole lot less stressful.  Thank you for that lesson God, because it almost slipped by me and I wouldn't have learned the most important thing about it all.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

quantity vs. quality

Ok, so I know the mathematical formula has to be out there somewhere, because I've seen first hand that it has to be provable because it's true....
This is what I need, and anyone that can give it to me will be the greatest ever.  I'd do it myself, but my kid pretty much restricts me from doing anything that takes more then 2 minutes of concentration. 
This is what I need...
Proof that pushing quantity in such masses that the human machine is no longer capable of production, will NOT increase productivity but actually reduce it below it's maximum potential.
Kind of like if you put too much crap on a conveyor belt, at some point the belt will actually be damaged, and may even stop because it is unable to carry the weight....  The maximum potential is not only recked, but production is hindered and at some point stopped.

Seems like this would just be common knowledge...  Humans are like biological machines,  Sure there are those rare exceptions that can meet and exceed maximum potential no matter what, but they don't work with me, so they don't count.  Hell those kind probably only make up 1% of the entire American work force.   As I was saying...  It seems like it would be common knowledge, if you shove a days worth of production into a machine to be processed by the humans in the shop, you will not only damage equipment, but hinder productivity and cease to be a componet which is useful.  But I'm just a stupid girl.   
Ok, write in those formulas!  It's got to be out there, and if it isn't... well damn, prove it and get the nobel prize.     Quantity exceeds the max limit of Capable quota, Production is reduced and becomes lesser.   Not sure how to put that in more mathematical terms... give me time.   If you do it before I do.... But if I get time to do it first...
Not that anyone will listen.  If ten people can produce 100  x items at maximum speed of 30a(speed)*15b(item produced per measurement of speed)     And a(speed) is reduced as b(quanity items to be produced) is increased..... then   ya know...  your max gets lower... Now if we have another factor that says  c(human/machine efficiency)   Is reduced as the quantity or speed exceed the limit... so
x= (30a*15b*c)   where c is 100% at highest maximum potential.   and decreases in proportion to a and b...
But I guess what really has to be proved is the statement that human/machine efficiency is reduced as speed and endurance/ability are exceeded beyond normal working ability....

Bah!  Time to put kid (a) in bed (b)  and get some sleep (c).      a+b=c   yea!  Nigh-night beautiful people!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ya, I'm terrible

Ok, I realize fully that I am not near as exciting as some of the amazing people I've read, (wait in the van) and Peter Struessal (Hatred every day).  But as much as I would like to make walking out to the mailbox interesting, I just can't.

When you've seen a real institutional lunatic walking around in a tin foil hat with his pants dangling at his ankles, it makes it hard to relate having a panicky moment retrieving the mail to being insane.  But I guess ignorance is bliss, and makes for a much more interesting writing.  

The other reason I'm terrible at this... I hate faking it.  And like it or not as human beings it is instilled in us at birth to fake it.  I believe there are individuals out there that are totally authentic, but they are so rare, and so singular that in a sea of those pretending to be authentic, it's impossible to tell who they are.

I try to be authentic, but a lifelong brainwashing by society has pretty much destroyed my chances, that and my low self esteem and lack of confidence.  But ask me to throw something.... Now that I can do.  It's probably just that stupid high school nostalgia, but given the time and practice I know I could throw with Olympians.  Anything else though?   I'm just faking it.   At least when there are other people involved.  Some day when I have no fear of some long lost paperwork held in the mental health system that can bring my life crashing down around me, maybe then I could try just being what I want to. Until then I have a family to take care of and that's more important than any self indulgent splurge in my own desires. 

Ahh parenthood.  Getting the chance to do it right the next time.  Hope I do right by ya kid!  There is nothing more important in this world to me then helping you be the happiest, greatest man on the planet!  And there is nothing I would rather do, because I would be lifeless without you.
I love you more then the moon and the stars
more then the fresh spring grass,
more then the first winter snow
I love you more then the fall leaves crackling and crunching under my naked feet
I love you more then a hot cup of coffee after a cold day at work

I love you more then sleep.
Here's hoping I figure out how to keep my kid authentic, because I have no idea how to do it.
In the box, out of the box, just as long as it's what you want to do kiddo!