Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lonely--part 2

Apparently I lost the other part 2  so here it goes.

Nattalie grabbed the phone ready for yet another person to identify their self as one of her kind, but instead heard the barely English dialect of a telemarketer.  "We would like to offer you a..."
Nattalie hung up.
    After unpacking some more of her clothes in the upstairs master bedroom, and finishing off a jar of peanut butter, Nattalie checked the time and headed over to Aunt Bee's to see if there was a bed in her garage.  It would be nice to sleep in a bed again. 
    Before her feet touched the first crooked step of the large front porch,  Aunt Bee opened the front door, the same radiant smile sending waves of wrinkles out along her cheeks.   Nattalie felt warmer just being in her presence.   They walked into the living room and straight through to the kitchen.  The house had an almost identical layout, but was filled with glass, plastic and wooden carvings of panda bears.  There was bamboo wallpaper, a Panda adorned fireplace,  a Kamono decorated with the fluffly black and white bears framed above the dining table.   The stairs were on the opposite side of the front door, but for that and the Pandas, the house was identical on the inside. 
    Bee pointed at the large plate of no-bake chocolate cookies on the counter.  "Feel free to gobble those up, It must be expensive to fill that belly."   Nattalie couldn't possibly feel any more at home.
      The chocolate oats melted in her mouth.  Before she could take a drink of the black tea sitting next to the empty plate, Bee started laughing.  "It sure is nice having someone around to share my world with."
    Nattalie nodded gulping the hot tea.   "Even my parents never really knew."   Bee motioned for the chairs, like a therapist sitting a client down for a talk.    Sensing the discomfort in Nattalie upon this thought, Bee waggad an old bent finger at her.  "Now, don't you think of this like that, I have just as much to share.  I haven't had but one other person in my life that has ever even heard me whisper at my circumstance, and he died a very long time ago bearing my secret."
     Nattalie felt ashamed of herself.  How could she be so selfish, this woman must have been through some of the same hell, if not more so.   "Was he your husband Bee?"
     Bee nodded sadly and pointed to the panda frame holding his picture.   Bee could sense the next question.  "The panda's serve me in a couple of ways."   She pulled out a charm on a delicate golden chain that sat in the pocket of her dress.  "They remind me that being a singular creature is beautiful,  and most importantly...."   She motioned to the decorations all over the house.  "Who would think this crazy old panda lover was really a mind reader!"
   Nattalie realized what the old woman had done.... Lived all these years with her secret, in one place with one life.   How she wished she could find a way. 
   "You will dear."   Aunt Bee patted her hand.  "Now let me see how I can help."  She threaded her old fingers into Nattalies.  "Don't squeeze honey, you'll break me instantly." 
  Nattalie did her best to keep her hand stone and still.     She could almost feel a tickle running through the hairs on her knuckles, and then an itching up her wrist.    "It won't take long dear, hold your hand still."
  Nattalie felt the itch turn into a cold shutter running down her back.  She wondered if Bee knew how this felt to the people she read.    It wasn't unpleasant, but for Nattalie pain was a whole different set of functions that had to be stimulated in horrific ways in order to respond. 
   Bee let go and slipped her fingers out.  "You are one fine panda."    She frowned a bit, and put her hand on the table as if it needed to rest.   "The first time I tried to read someone, I almost killed that old farmer."  Bee pointed to her tea cup with her other hand,  "Could you get me some more?"
   Nattalie picked up the dainty china very carefully and carried it into the tea pot on the stove.  "Bee," she paused realizing she had picked up the burning hot teapot without a mitt.  "Aunt Bee, do you think you can see a way to help me?"
   Bee yawned sleepily.  "I need some time to think on it dear one, but I have a few good ideas."  Bee yawned again.  She mummbled, "it took so much out of me Barty..."    Before Nattalie could tie the tea bag onto the handle of the cup, Bee was asleep at the table.     
   As carefully as she could, Nattalie picked the frail body up and carried her over to the large black and white sofa.  Bee shivered slightly when she backed away.   The large green fleece on the chair covered the tiny body nicely and Nattalie let herself out the back door. 


time to write

I am going to work on my strong girl story, haven't really come up with a name yet.   So check it out, leave me comments, I love comments.   ( Lonely--part 1 ) Bad or good, at least it is a response.