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Fartmoodles: Chapter 14

How to capture a Fartmoodle
Chapter 14
"It smells so bad, my nose hairs are melting."
Rough Draft
By: Nellie Tobey

    The tunnel had spidered not far in, and they had all decided to stay in the largest tunnel that seemed to now be less covered in the shimmering toxin.
    "Your father said they had to abandon these drains... How many years has it been Cass?"   Kettle had been disturbed that this poison was still laying un-changed in time on the floors.  If time couldn't break it down, what chance did the great Shepard have.  As powerful as it was, there were some things even the extraordinary tree could not process and remove, mostly human things.
    "He said it was when he met my mom.  They met when he was on Grandpa's property to survey the drain fields."  Cass held Ketttle now, the giant bug was growing weak.  Cass could feel a heaviness growing as it sat cradled in cass's arms. 
   Madison nodded, "Mom said there use to be a shallow river flowing outside. When they shut down these sewers, they damned up her river too."

  *** Children's idea's of possession was not that of an adults.  A precious thing such as a creek or river was claimed, not in ownership, but as something to be cherished and protected.  This river had been Mom's and therefore they knew the loss when it was taken away not only from her, but from them, and their future friends, kids, grandchildren....***

Kettle felt a little heavier in Cass's arms.  The light too began to dim.  They all turned a corner, and some moon-light spilled in from up ahead.  Madison looked worriedly at Kettle now visible to the child's eyes as more than a light, but as the giant bug form Kettle had chosen to use.  "It looks sick Cass."
  Cass put a hand on Kettle's shelled torso.  "It is Madison.  Like mom, this stuff, it's killing it. " 
  Madison gulped.  A determination overwhelmed the both of them as they approached the blue light coming from what must be a gate around the corner.  Tooty and Steve had flown ahead to see what might be on the other side.
  Tooty shook her head at the sight before them.  The gate was slightly ajar, and beyond it was a dimly lit room full of rusting barrels.  Toxic goo was dripping like candle wax down the sides of some of them.  Other blue plastic tubs seemed to be holding up against whatever was inside, but the smell was overwhelming.  The ceiling was lined with iron sewer grates where the moonlight was prying it's way through dead brush and old leaves that plugged most of the rectangular openings.   

  Steve was holding his nose too keep out the burning air.  "We can't let the littles or Kettle in here.  It's too poisonous.  This is not a natural smell, this is horrible... I can't even."   Steve made a slightly gagging noise.  Tooty could not detect what he was smelling, but a fowl metallic ick started to grow on her tastebuds.
   Tooty pulled some stinkweed from a pocket.  "Hold this to your nose. We gotta send the littles and Kettle back out of here."
   Steve nodded, grateful for the barrier he held tight to his face.  He fluttered off to stop the group from coming any closer.
   Both littles were not happy.   This was why they came, this was what had been hurting so many in their town, and it looked like there was no way to stop it without hurting their dad.
  Madison was on the verge of tears when the words came bursting forth. "Dad knew!  Cass, dad knew this was here!"
  Cass was carressing the little dog Kettle had transformed into to take a rest while the moonlight kept them out of the dark. "Yeah...."  Cass had a tear rolling down the cheek, and wiped it away before settling back in to pet the tiny dog.
  Madison looked at Tooty, anger growing so loud the pixies were feeling overwhelmed by the heat.  "We can't let you stay here Madison, You both will get sick, Kettle will die... We can't do anything right now."
  Madison seemed to have made a decision and the anger grew cold.  "You all head out.  I just want to think a minute."
  Cass mewed a bit.  "We need to let the gremlin rest a little longer Madison, it's so heavy. "
  Madison coughed, and then walked through the crocked gate.  Cass, Tooty and Steve stood perplexed.  Madison picked up a pipe and started to bar the gate shut from the inside.
  Steve had flown into action and was trying to pull the childs arms away from the pipe being lodged into the gates large bolt hold.  "No, Madison NO."
  Tooty had joined and was trying to keep the other arm from moving.
  There was a strength there that even the pixie magic could not overwhelm.
  Kettle awoke and was pulling at the other side of the gate with Cass.
  But it was all too late.
  Madison stood, coughing and pointing at the barrels.  "Go back.  Tell the police I'm trapped,  tell dad....."
  Cass had picked up the almost collapsed form of Kettle again.  A small furry raccoon hand barley grasping to Cass's arm.
  Cass nodded.  Tooty and Steve watched the exchange and realized what the little was doing.  Tooty pulled a large hankerchief from the pocket of her uncle's magical vest.  She handed it to Madison.  "There is something dangerous in the air too... Please wear this around your mouth and nose."
  Madison wrapped it around the head, Steve helped tie it in the back. 
 "We have to hurry, "  Steve began to glow a furious green light, and Tooty with all she could muster, a bright clear light.  Cass gripped the gremlin tightly and they all rushed out, and were greeted by the morning light.   

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