Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Wrote a whole rant about money, and work, and people not understanding the difficulties of being an 'only' parent.
Deleted it all.   Just needed to vent.  The wind doesn't care what it blows against, it just blows.  
Just gotta make it through 11 more days of work before I get a day off.  
Hopefully they can work out the well issues with my house so it can be sold in the next couple weeks,  and then I can just relax.   Just get into the swing, and relax.   Kinda wore  out with being wound up tighter then a eunich's butthole.   It's like my brain is this muscle that's constantly tensed up.  I can't even sleep without dreaming about my worries.   Wake up after six hours just cause I'm tierd of dreaming about the shit, i'm trying to sleep and get away from. 

BAH!   I hate just bitching, but my blog is here, might as well use it.   Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice.  My job there was dead end, shop won't last much longer, so I would of had to move on soon anyways. 

At least the dog wants to play.  This fluff face just wants love.  Know the feeling buddy.  Lets throw your dumb stuffed duck around.  Tear it up Tonka.  I would do that too if it wouldn't look crazy.  Throw shit, run and get it, shake the hell out of it, throw it again.   Dog's have it rough.  But I couldn't live without them.  Remider why life is good.  Enjoy the little stuff, roll on the carpet, sniff the roses, bug your human till they give you love.  Cause you know they'll pet you eventually.  Hey~ maybe that'll work on my boyfriend......  tee hee.

Gotta get the kid into the bathtub.  

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