Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm finally working on rollalong hill... Damn my grammar sucks.   But I suppose a lot of writers do stream of thought stuff, and then have to edit it a lot... otherwise why does it take years to finish a book? 
On the homefront, my paperwork finally came through and I have sole custody of my son. He starts school soon, and I know he'll grow mentally in leaps and bounds with the right stimulation.   Perhaps that's why teachers actually go to college to learn how to teach, I'm glad my kid's got a teacher with a masters.  Good luck! 
Na, my kids easy, as soon as he figure's out communication I better start saving up for Harvard... and if not Harvard, well any college because he is not getting stuck in a factory working himself to the bone for nothing. 

Anyhoo.... let me see if I can get this part 2 of rollalong edited.

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